Key Challenges for the Future of European Tourism

The European Commission celebrated the European Tourism Day through an open discussion about the future of tourism, towards stronger competitiveness and sustainable growth in Europe. Public Authorities at EU, national and regional level, European Sector Associations, representatives of the Industry and other stakeholders were invited to debate key topics such as digitalization, the "Destination(s) Europe" Brand, a better regulatory framework and governance.

At that occasion, the MEP István Ujhelyi stressed on the importance of tourism to be a focus point of the European growth strategy: “tourism must be on the spot. We need more coordination between EU and tourism national representatives, we need a change of attitude. Tourism creates more than 20 million jobs in the EU enhancing regional economic development. Thus it deserves much more attention”.

While presenting the “Destination(s) Europe Brand" initiative, the Director for Services Industries Pedro Ortún explained that this initiative would involve all tourism key public and private players and aim to promote Europe as a destination, in particular to third country markets.

You can read here the press release published by CECOP to celebrate this day.