• European Tourism Day 2014: Key Challenges for the Future of European Tourism

    This year, the European Tourism Day will look towards the future of tourism in Europe. Open discussions will focus on the future competitiveness and sustainable growth of the European tourism.
  • “Dreams, skills, weaknesses, qualities of young students”

    On 23rd October, a workshop was organised with a number of students of two secondary schools of the Bologna province. In this way, students were prepared to participate actively to the conference held in Bologna on 29th October.

    During the workshop, students were asked about their first cooperative experience, and dreams. They were divided into teams to create a company based on their dreams and their skills.

    Dreams and thoughts expressed by students were represented through tag clouds. It’s worthy underlining the trip is the most popular dream expressed: traveling,... continue

  • The website is on line!

    Please fill up the form with your presentation so that we will upload your profile in the public area.
    We will send you soon the instructions. The webmaster will help you if you need.


  • The interactive guide of the European route of cooperatives launched today

    An approach based on passive touristic consumption and the unsustainable exploitation of many destinations has showed its limits and negative effects. As a consequence, a growing range of more responsible and sustainable experiences are being offered to tourists including, for instance, the promotion of local industrial and cultural heritage. Several cooperatives all around Europe are offering a sustainable and innovative tourism experience, while spreading their values and business model based on democracy and solidarity. To compile and spread all those realities, the new interactive... continue

  • Discovering cooperatives: students from Bologna participate in a workshop about Cooproute

    Fresh ideas to develop the cooperatives of the future. 75 students from the secondary school “Montessori” in Porretta Terme and “Salvemini” in Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna (Italy), participated in a workshop aimed to get them ready to actively participate at the launching of the online guide of Cooproute.


    The session, organized by the social cooperative La Fucina, guide them to the creation of a cooperative... continue

  • 29th October: launching of the Cooproute on-line guide

    The Emilia- Romagna Region is hosting on 29th October the worldwide launching of the new on-line guide of the European Route of Cooperative Culture in Bologna. This event will lead to a debate on the potential of the itinerary with a number of local stakeholders, concrete cooperative experiences being part of the route will participate. The guide is an interactive tool allowing potential visitors to discover the destinations that have joined the route so far. Starting on 29th October, all the cooperatives and entities that want to strengthen their tourism potential while promoting the... continue