• The Greek Journalists' Newspaper encourages Greek cooperatives to join Cooproute

    The Greek worker cooperative Journalists' Newspaper published recently an article dedicated to Cooproute.

    The article illustrates the raison d'être of Cooproute, thats allows visitors to "experience a region through those entities that help to preserve the cultural tradition, the local production and the general heritage of a country". Furthermore, some of the destinations belonging to Cooproute are illustrated in the article.

    The Journalists' Newspaper encourages Greek cooperatives to join Cooproute. Indeed, "despite the long history of the... continue

  • 90 years of the Woodcraft Folk!

    Woodcraft Folk is celebrating its 90th anniversary with a touring photographic exhibition which will be at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum from end February 2 until 16 April 2016 before it moves onto the People’s History Museum in Manchester. Pictures taken through Woodcraft’s 90 year history tell the story of its early beginnings, its close association with the co-operative movement, and its founding principles which have remained fundamental to the organisation throughout the decades. The exhibition focuses on Co-operation: representing equality, working and playing together, and arts... continue
  • International Festival on Educational Cinema in Madrid, Alicante and Valencia

    Until the next Thursday 25, Valencia, Alicante and Madrid will celebrate simultaneously the International Festival of Educational Cinema, a window to the educational international films. The idea is that educators, professionals, parents and society in general include audiovisual learning as part of the education. The aim of the festival is to promote media literacy. It is a festival, directed especially to children and young people.

    During the past three years the festival had been conducted in Valencia, but this year they have wanted to... continue

  • New video: Responsible Tourism with Cooperatives

    The Andalusian federation of worker cooperatives (FAECTA) has recently launched the video "Responsible Tourism with Cooperatives". The video is one of the results of a project aiming to improve competitiveness of cooperatives related to responsible tourism in the region of Andalusia (Spain) and the promotion of their activities and values that make them different to other traditional ways of travelling.

    This communication tool is for cooperatives to promote responsible tourism together with cooperative values. At the end of the... continue

  • Starting a new phase

    Six organisations from 4 countries (Spain, Italy, the UK and France) together with CECOP have organised a first coordination meeting on 14 October to define the second phase of Cooproute. The preparation of a questionnaire on the needs and desires for the development of Cooproute to be answered by the 84 cooperatives and museums promoting cooperative principles being part of the guide, was agreed. 

    What future for Cooproute? How to obtain the recognition by the Council of Europe as a European Cultural Route ? The results of the... continue

  • bicycle containers

    CONTAIN ... ART! The Castello cooperative has organized the "Contain ... art" event with the aim of proposing a ludic-artistic activity as a moment of aggregation among the users of our three Territorial Socio-Educational Centers, Trezzo, Trezzano Rosa and Capriate San Gervasio, and students attending the Bellisario Institute of Trezzo. Such collaboration will become opportunities, creativity and moment of social inclusion and anti-stigma. Artistic action will have the ultimate effect of embellishing the Naval Container placed in our courtyard and containing the dozens of... continue
  • Cooproute reported in the Spanish magazine Alternativas Económicas

    Why ‪cooperatives‬ are an inspiring model in offering a sustainable ‪‎tourist‬ experience? The Spanish magazine Alternativas Económicas answers this question in its June issue by the hand of ‪Cooproute‬. An editorial on the need of promoting cooperative routes around the globe has been written by Elisa Terrasi, Development and Studies Officder and Leire Luengo, Communication Officer of CECOP.

    The story of the worker cooperative Ardelaine, in France, Huerto Alegre, In Spain and Nazareno, in Italy and the ... continue

  • A new Le Mat in Sweden: help to make it real!

    Help the third Le Mat - Europe B&B to be in place in Sweden supporting this crowdfunding campaign! It will open in Luleå in December 2015. Le Mat is a social franchising concept within the hotel industry. The first hotel was founded in Trieste, Italy, for more than 20 years ago. Since five years ago you can find Le Mat even in Sweden. The first city that opened the door to the unique concept was Gothenburg, followed by Stockholm in 2014. Now the turn has come to Luleå. The business idea is based on offering accomodation to customers as well as to provide... continue

  • Cooperative movement renews the collaboration with the International Social Tourism Organisation

    On 29 April Charles Gould, director general of the International Cooperative Alliance, met with Charles Etienne Bélanger, director of the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) to discuss the cooperation between the two organisations. A number of worker and social cooperatives from across the world are engaged in activities linked to tourism. Some of these are members of ISTO.

    ISTO includes nine co-operative and mutual organisations and federations from Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Malta and Malaysia. The International Co-operative Alliance is also a member of ISTO... continue

  • Worker cooperative Suma: local and international impact

    With 138 members earning the same salary, this worker cooperative’s impact on the West Yorkshire (UK) economy is growing. Suma Wholefoods, a #Cooproute destination, was singled out as Co-operatives UK’s cooperative of the year in 2014 – and if the movement finds it a shining example of cooperation, local people find it just as inspiring, according to Cooperative News

    Suma allocates £30,000 a year for sponsorship and donations, including new accounts through which to supply free Suma goods. But... continue